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There are many basing conventions based on rules used and personal preference. Do the rules work with elements or with individual figures as well? Standard frontages? Is the size of the frontages important and dependent on figure ratio and ground scale used? I remember reading Bruce Quarrie's guide to Napoleonic wargaming and the calculations used there. Long time ago... :)

We chose

1 fig. = 7.5 men1 inch = 25 yards1 turn = approx. 5 mins1 gun = 2 pieces
Close/Loose Order4 figs in 2 ranks20 x 25mm30 men
Lights2 figs in 1 rank20 x 12.5mm15 men
Cavalry/Command 2 figs in 1 rank25 x 30mm15 men
Militia4 figs in 2 ranks25 x 30mm30 men
Irregular skirmish2 figs in 1 rank25 x 15mm15 men
Infantry in units of 3 -12 stands or as historical units1 stand must be identified as the command group
Cavalry in units of 2-6 stands or as historical units
Skirmishers in units of min 4 stands= 2 FULL STANDS
Artillery3lb/4lb30 x 40mm3 figs + limber (30 x 40mm)
 6pdr30 x 40mm4 figs + limber (30 x 70mm)
 6pdr + 40 x 40mm 5 figs + limber (40 x 70mm)

We arrived at the figure ratio by looking at the size of units at Cowpens, deciding what gave a good 'look' for that unit, allowing also the representation of smaller units, deciding we wanted a double rank look and then working it out from there. This gave us a reasonable look and feel for Cowpens and a good number of figures to paint. We decided that regular infantry (British Line, Continentals and Hessians) would be in close order, deciding that if we really wanted to represent a 'loose' order we would just move bases slightly apart. Light infantry were done in twos on half depth bases to allow them to re-join the line if need be. In retrospect, having seen other peoples figures, I think I'd dp the Lights with 2 figures on a full size base now. Seeing as I only have a few I may well re--base them.

Militia were done in a slightly looser formation. I'm not now sure if this really works for the regulars but I really cannot face re-basing! Besides, if we moved on to Yorktown we'd probably want some Hessians and the French in Close Order anyway. Maybe the tightness of the ranks also represents cohesion and training as well?

My slight concern is over the frontages for cavalry at this scale as at Cowpens I'm looking at 20 stands to represent the British Legion cavalry (300).

Going our/my own route also makes it harder to play with other people/rules as basing may be different as well as figure ratio. The local group, Tyneside Wargames, are also venturing into 15mm AWI but focusing on the larger, earlier Northern battles. They are using the 4 figure 'standard' 40mm frontage but with a 'unit' still in two ranks. This would at least make my troops usable baring a slightly wider Militia front.

I'd thought of doing the British Legion Infantry in the looser basing but remember reading somewhere that the Infantry were pretty well drilled. I've also decided I may do a few Light Infantry stands for them as well. Good news tonight is that Terry (who did some of the other painting) is happy to part with his figures as he is not pursuing the period. So hopefully I'll soon have some Hessians, British Legion cavalry and a few Native Americans. Oh, and some more Purbeck terrain!

Well, that'll do for tonight. Tired...

More soon...

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...interesting - I guess I've gone with a more "representaitonal" set of rules so for AWI all frontages (and depths) are the same - I use 5cm squares.... see